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April 24, 2013

Evil Doers In Space

Mini Monkey-Teen and other Aces have informed PoopTeen HQ that Vladimir Putin has been doing some dodgy things with dogs.


Mr. Putin always looking for a reason to take off his shirt has been frolicking with Laika’s progeny when he isn’t out wrestling tigers. Mini Monkey-Teen has discovered that Russia is building a new Cosmodrome not to put men in to space but instead to drop bombs made of puppies on all the freedom loving people of Earth.


Not to worry. PoopTeen and The Gang of Aces will protect you. Once again the children are safe and will sleep easy.

April 17, 2013


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Some people are never on time.

April 10, 2013

Gang of Aces

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Some free advice about hygiene from The Gang of Aces.

April 3, 2013

Update: North Korea

PoopTeen and the Gang of Aces have been deep inside North Korea for the last two years. It is only now that we can reveal what we and our spy network has uncovered.


The North Koreans have been working hard on two very important issues.


1) Design the most bright green uniforms that provide zero camouflage anywhere in the natural world.

2) Use basic small arms to repel regular attacks from Godzilla where he is known locally as Pulgasari.


PoopTeen is able to show you this now declassified photo as proof.


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